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  1. Is there any information on this? Even an "unable to reproduce" would be good to know. If I try to uninstall and reinstall, can I keep my save file data?
  2. Summary: I cannot start the level. I can watch the movie scene, but when level starts, it exits to main menu while minimizing the game and opening a black notepad document. Steps to repro: - Attempt to start stated level. Doesn't matter if movie scene is skipped or if continuing from previous level or level select. - As Soon as level would start, game is minimized with windows error tone. An "untitled" and blank notepad document opens with the notepad error message "The system cannot find the specified path." - Upon maximizing game window to full screen again, main menu is showing. 100% reproducible Windows Vista 64-bit, HP pavilion factory default hardware. GeForce graphics card. Enjoying the game so far.