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  1. I was playing today and i died. When i respawned in my meat efigy it broked and stayed in the ground. Normal. But i dont like that broke efigy in my camp so i picked my hamer and hit it one time. Then it came back to normal! The efigy was perfect again. I didnt died to test if it will work but idk, devs should look at it.
  2. I dont know if its just me, but when i'm playing a game something that i look first is the cursor. Almost EVERY game have a custom cursor and i love it. Playing a game is different than browsing the web or writing a text and the cursor show us this. I think that dont starve needs an AMAZING custom cursor that fits the game art. Playing in full screen mode with an normal cursor feels very weird. Just me and my OCD...
  3. Steam Alpha

    Thanks, searched for a post like that for hours...
  4. I got my steam key and really want to play the steam version of the game, but i searched a lot and didnt found where to put it. Please someone helps?