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  1. Morsel meat disappearing (Steam)

    I was collecting my trap for morsel, but in the middle of it when I am retrieving one of the trap, the previously collected morsel meat will be automatically replace by the newly retrieve trap. The trap would just replacing the slot of where the morsel were and all my morsel is gone.. **Edit** The number of morsel meat in the inventory was not able to exceed 10. Whenever it reached 10, the count will just restart from 1.
  2. Steam Alpha Testing!

    great... now I can play Don't starve in steam.... work for me now..
  3. Steam Alpha Testing!

    I live in Malaysia which is located at South East Asia, is there any help to you guys?
  4. Steam version not loading!

    I think we all have to wait until Monday then, I am having the exact same problem with you here. Countless time of killing process, LOL. Going back to Chrome and survive now...
  5. Steam Alpha Testing!

    Well, I've tried many time since then, re-install the Steam, download all over again, updating and stuff... But when launching the game, it just freeze there, any solution?
  6. Steam Alpha Testing!

    Well, after installing steam and activating Don't Starve in the steam, when I clicked play, the game would just freeze there. It wouldn't load at all. Any help?
  7. Steam Alpha Testing!

    Thank you very much for your reply...
  8. Steam Alpha Testing!

    How do I go about playing this game on steam? Is it that I can now play without browser anymore? I haven't use Steam before, so just asking it..
  9. Product key

    Hi all. I would like to ask anyone around here that is the product key once I enter into one of my computer, I can only play from that computer? Or is it bind to my email or username? Would really love to purchase this game but couldn't understand how it work for the product key...