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  1. *bump. My characters also feel like running through jam. Chrome version lags, when in forested area. Darn.
  2. [quote name=Kevin;4123 ...and the usual grab bag of fixes' date=' tuning, and whatever else we have time for. AAAA, I have been waiting to get some new stuff for ages. YAY. New stuff to do with pigmen, instead of sacrificing them to the gods of evil? About time!
  3. Just as the title says, clicking issues are bothering me greatly, especially, when running away from some'thing' and being in the middle of forest. As my game lags slightly, instead of clicking the ground, i keep clicking on trees or other things and character just keeps examining them, disregarding the fact, that there are enemies after his very own soul. This is becoming even more annoying, when facing things, that are extremely fast. Would it be possible, to somehow change the whole examine-system, to, maybe, you will examine the item only, when pushing left-shift, not just on left-mouse click. :///