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  1. OK. I PM-ed you the email that i used to purchase the game.Humble mail wasn't marked as spam when i found it. I cannot ,,unspam'' it.
  2. So what i need to do to get that codes? I really don't know.
  3. Can anyone help me? Or i simple can't get that codes?
  4. I sended the ticket by this linket the was linked to the post.
  5. My email is bouncing bundle's emails to them becouse ,,they are marked as spam''. And i didn't created any anti-spam filters.
  6. I already sent message. I'm waiting for response.
  7. I already use the contack us link to send the ticket. But i don't have any answer.
  8. What you mean by ,,You can use the contact us link to send a ticket using that email address''?
  9. I really don't know what's up with my e-mail. That mean i can't get full version becouse my email is broken? I really don't know what to do.
  10. What you mean by ,,You should edit your email address out"? I tried to use contact button.
  11. There is problem. Becouse i haven't created any anti-spam filters. If you can you can sent this codes to e mail: [REMOVED] This is secont e-mail of my family member. Bui i know the passes and i can take codes from it. Can you send it to 2-nd email. I mean to [Removed]
  12. I payd with PayPal giving e-mail adress. I haven't got e-mail since payed for it. Something about 6 h. Ago. I payed using my actual e-mail. But i didn't get e-mail with codes.