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  1. Maybe we can build a statue or perform a ritual or something to unlock the other characters x3
  2. no problems I'll go ahead and try that and see if anything changes. What updates did you uninstall though? There is a bunch of updates that say security update for windows or update for microsoft windows
  3. tastycrayonsattacks - oh no I wasnt logged on to chrome I'll try that right now. Hmm it still not working unfortunatly.burfl - I would try that but I'm kind of scared that I might break something lol.
  4. I haven't played Don't Starve in a while so I decided to load it up and play it for a bit but when I do It only loads the Don't Starve logo with the beta id at the bottom. I launched it from the chrome store and from the Don't Starve game website with similar results. I cleared my cache and cookies but that still doesn't fix the problem for me