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  1. Are you sure you've bought the game? Didn't you get some sort of error message? I'm not sure if you can buy it without being logged in to an account. (maybe you can, I dunno.) You should check your credit card transfers.
  2. Could you please move the camera rotation buttons closer to WASD? Preferably to Q and E. Or just one button that rotates the amera around in one direction, for example Z? And a key that closes every opened element on the screen would be nice (like the inventory, the crafting bar and open cauldrons and chests) All the new stuff sound pretty cool. edit: Ok, thanks guys!
  3. You can live through an entire night with a single torch, without it using up a single point of durability. Technically, you could do it every night with the same one torch for the entire game, without ever building a firepit. It would be silly, but still. 1.Have a torch in your inventory, wait for darkness 2.Wait until your character says "I can't see anything" -> "What was that?". basicaly the last second before you'd get hit by the dark. 3.Quickly put the torch in your character's hands, then remove it immediately, as if you were flicking a light switch, then quickly put it back into your inventory, so it doesn't use up durability while it's on your cursor. 4.You're now in the dark again but you're safe for a few seconds, since the "darkness timer" is now reset. After a few seconds when your character says "What was that?" again, just repeat point 3. and that's it
  4. I think the combat system could use some depth and adding shields would be a very good first step. To me, combat feels very binary right now. 1. You and the monster either "latch onto" each other and deal blows, over which the player has very little control, except to click very fast, with lots of stunlocking involved on both sides, which is never a good mechanic. 2. You run, and are perfectly safe since nothing can shoot you or catch up to you. The enemies' attack animations are also pretty long, and you can simply walk away from them before they finish "charging up" their attacks. Often simply taking a few steps away is enough. This to me feels exploitative and not very skill based. "Just adding a shield i think it would make it too easy." Obviously, they wouldn't be "just adding a shield". The entire combat system would need to tweaked. Adding shields would encourage players to fight toe-to-toe and offer a deeper system than "both sides take random damage -> hope you outlast them". Just as an example, they could speed up monster attack animations but still have visible tells. This would mean that you'd get hit in the back if you try to run or move around too much, but if you stay and fight, facing the enemy, you have a chance to block the damage with a well-timed block. And maybe add stronger attacks with slower windup time (similar to how it is now) that go through your shield, and which you WOULD need to walk away from. But it would be fine since it would be just a part of a deeper system. Maybe spiders could have a move where they jump 180 degrees behind you and you'd need to reorient yourself and block in their direction. I think that such a relatively simple system as directional blocking could lead to much more unique and more intelligent enemy behaviors, and the player would need to "learn" how to fight each enemy type. Right now the biggest difference between mobs are their damage and health. But since the damage can be completely evaded, a bigger health pool just is just their to lenghen a fight in which you never, or barely get hit. (because of the stunlocking, or cheap hit and run tactics) But whether Klei even wants a deeper combat system at all in a game that's not really about combat is a different question. I hope they at least tweak things a little.
  5. I usually play using WASD, and it would be nice if you made Q and E rotate the camera left and right. The arrow keys are too far from all the other useful buttons.A close button (X) on the chest window would be also be nice.and +1 for space opening/closing side and bottom menus and maybe chest windows.
  6. This might already be fixed, haven't had a chance to test it since: when you have a beekeeper hat and a logsuit on, angry bees destroy the logsuit but will do no damage otherwiseRotating the camera while digging a grave freezes the digging animation.If you burn down a forest, the trees will later regrow and turn back into evergreens. But when you examine them it'll still have the burnt tree description ("I feel like I could have prevented that" etc). Also, they drop 1 charcoal in addition to the regular tree stuff, and don't leave a tree stump.catching spiders with traps give you real meat instad of monster meat, making it very easy to farm valuable meat near spider nestsfew typos I've found:cup and ball : "I have TO time for fun and games"when researching turbo farms, your guy (or maybe just Wilson) still says "Time to FARM MEAT!" or something like that