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  1. as you can probably tell by the title,im getting desperate for a key..:/ PM me your steam username,and ill Gift you Dota2,after i check the key works..please dont ignore this,i really want to get a key
  2. Actualy,Ill trade both Smite and Dota2 for the key
  3. Ill trade Dota2 or Smite for a key :)

    If it comes down to it,ill trade the two of them for a key
  4. If your looking for either of the games,Ill trade them both for a Don't Starve beta key Just PM me For Smite,PM me your email,or for Dota2,PM me your steam username
  5. Dota2 Trade

    Its not a key you use the steam gifting service it gets sent straight to your profile
  6. Dota2 Trade

    If you've got a spare key I'd really appreciate a trade..someone sent me a used key so not sure if its worth my time asking...if anyone has a spare key I'll trade Dota2 for it,please PM me if your up for the trade :/
  7. I almost got a trade for Dota2 but the guy gave the key to someone else appreciate it if you traded a key with me for it :/
  8. well..the title pretty much says it all PM me if your up for the trade,or add me on steam,my usernames lukek1998 if the key works,ill gift you Dota2
  9. Don't Starve Key

    Im on holidays at the moment so i cant check your steam wishlist,but would you be up for giving me a key for Dota2?
  10. Dota2 Trade

    if anyones interested,ill trade Dota2 for one key PM me if your interested
  11. Don't Starve Key

    If anyones up for it,ill trade Dota2 for one key its about a 30 euro game PM me if your interested