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  1. Just Wanted To Say Thanks To The Devs

    I can that if you want you can complete the whole game without having to kill anyone, not in the levels at least xDI played the levels in multiple ways depending on my goals (complete with max score, looking for a scroll or an achievement) and I enjoyed it a lot !This becomes even more interesting once you unlock the other styles, I think "Path of the Hunter" is one of my favorite.
  2. Issues we have found so far

    Ever seen any game without minor bugs ? I have yet to see one, relax and enjoy this amazing game Ps: If they can't reproduce the bug themselves they won't be able to fix it, given the reports I would not count much on any fix.
  3. Just Wanted To Say Thanks To The Devs

    I love this game, I just tried New Game+ and I think that's the first game I see with such a good handling of your field of view !The story and the story telling with the nice cutscenes were great too, especially the ending "choice" ^^
  4. Thank you !

    Thanks !Hope it sold well on steam and you can do others like this one (or even better is that is even possible ^^)
  5. Thank you !

    Just looking at the forums here and on steam is enough to say that the controller autodetection "feature" is a failure, providing a way to tell the game it was wrong is the easiest way and the more logical I see and it should also be rather easy to implement.
  6. Thank you !

    It may be the problem since I have one device which may be considered a controller and a fancy mouse but my point is that all would be solved with a simple option:How do you want to play: [X] Keyboard + Mouse [ ] Controlleret voila !
  7. Thank you !

    The problem is that I don't have any controller, I play with mouse + keyboard :/And I only have my keyboard and mouse connected, an option to override that choice would be nice, I can also well imagine a use case where someone has a controller connected but does not want to play with it.
  8. Thank you !

    I still have some issues with the game thinking I have an xbox controller which is annoying but thank you for the game I hope you make more like this, I did not have so much fun in a stealth game since deus ex revolution and it was not as good as Mark of the Ninja.I already spent so many hours on it and I juste finished it once, nearly perfect execution and especially for its price on Steam it is worth every cents I spent and would have even given more (without the ******* xbox controller issue that said).I heard it did not sold that well on xbox, if that is true maybe they are not just the public you should aim for.Thanks a lot for this awesome game !!!
  9. Bug: Stealing is not work on PC

    Just got hit by this problem amongst others (I keep seeing the xbox live controls so it does not help me understand how to do things...), what I did first was:- press E- press RMB- swipe left- release RMBbut what you have to do is:- presse E- release E- press RMB- swipe left- release RMB Hope it helps.