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  1. Music was overall very good. I mean it faded out a little bit to quick. I know in the game it is similar. The Treeguard scene was awesome and very good animated but it would be great if he dodged a second swing from the guard and then finish him off. Thats of course my opinion.

    Understood. Thanks a lot once again! <3

    Insanity in the first part realised wonderful. I liked your cartoon.

    P. S. His voice... is that a balalaika?

    Just to make it clear to others. The first part was completely done by Vamakey (Ivan Makoveenko). I helped with the animation of second part and did two music tracks (which wasn't intro and outro ones); Vamakey did most of the work: all backgrounds, sketch stages for post-animations, story, film editing, sounds and etc.

    And, no, SiCkness, it was just a classic guitar :)

  2. It's difficult to criticize if you really liked it.I like the music. It could be a little bit smoother in the transition. The fight against the treeguard was really nice but a little bit short and I don't get how he figured out he needed logs for the mechanism.His voice also is fitting, you see there isn't much. ^^

    Ah, thanks a lot, MilleniumCount :) What exactly music did you liked? The one, that was in the intro and outro or music, that was in the animation exactly? And… That thing about shortness… Did you meant, that there should be more character's reactions to whatever is around? Anyway, thank you for your post, we'll try to make our animation a bit more obvious next time :)

  3. I actually had a concept for a character for a while, a mental institution patient, Walter.Don't ask me what went wrong with the colours, i don't know either.[ATTACH=CONFIG]5779[/ATTACH]*1 Always hallucinating means he'll have to be smart for getting the right resources. But he doesn't hallucinate like you do at number 0 of sanity, he does have the visual effects of 0 but not that annoying loop that appears on 70.*2 This means the shadow monsters won't try to attack him, but will only roam around the place, Walter doesn't lose any sanity by being near them, and attacking them will make them aggresive as usual.*3 This means normal creatures will back away when he's nearby. (Beefalos will slowly walk away, rabbits will run as usual, pigs will need 2 pieces of meat for them to finally follow you from a good distance away, a good thing is, gobblers will not appear from bushes.I don't know about the straightjacket. I should have drawn him with a broken straightjacket so it makes more sense that he can pick up stuff and whatnot.

    Woah! Love it.