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  1. Strange… I was killing birds by clicking right onto their heads every time. But I use Steam version.
  2. Good one… It must be applied at every time when new day comes, I think. So, you can see your exp. points while using a Tent or something.
  3. So, if there were werepigs somewhere near they just found something on the ground and ate it all, here's your stack of a random manure.
  4. Build a pig house right in your camp, make a werepig, drop some 40 food stack on a ground, so it will eat it all and you'll get 40 of Manure just in less than a minute. Well, that's how I do it
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number 70535 Issue title Items are visible on a map screen Steps to reproduce 1. Pick up anything; 2. Press map key (Tab) immideatly; 3. You can see what you picked up on a map before it went to your inventory. Describe your issue I think, that would be enough to move a map on a different layer or something, have no idea how things work, but, still… Items shouldn't be visible on a map, while they're flying to it's place in inventory stacks.
  6. It's werepigs. They eat all the time and poo everywhere (1 food = 1 manure), if there was a stack of some food on a ground, then that's what happened. Exploit thing.
  7. Happens to me only when anisotropic filtering override enabled.
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number 70535 Issue title Werepig's tons of Manure Steps to reproduce 1. Put a stack of any food on a ground; 2. Let Werepig eat it; 3. Each time Werepig eats one thing it gives A LOT of Manure (everytime); as a result you can have tons of it, if Pighouse placed in your camp. Describe your issue Not sure if it's a bug, but it's an insanely easy to get manure with it. I get more than 40 of Manure with this method and then I just kill a Werepig.
  9. It happens to me only when I apply antialising with my driver software.
  10. Same, but I think that's the way how it is for real at moment. There's no next character yet. Just my thoughts.
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70535 Issue title Smallbird stops following after character's death Steps to reproduce 1. Get a Smallbird 2. Wear Amulet 3. Die 4. Smallbird just stands still and won't follow player anymore Describe your issue Here's a screenshot. So, yeah, they're just stand there and won't react anyhow.
  12. There should be some kickstarter page for it. I'd pay some, definitely.
  13. Hm, I think they always been like that, anyway, yea, they're kinda' squarish.
  14. Maybe I'm wrong, but… Press Backspace key, look at bottom left corner, where's "Rev. (number here)" — it's your game version \ build number.
  15. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number 70535 Issue title Item moves to inventory but it's visible on a map Steps to reproduce Here's how I got it: — pick up anything; — press map key (Tab) immediately; — while game is on pause and you see your map, the icon of picked up thing is still there, you can see it stopped moving on your map. Describe your issue Here's a screenshot
  16. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number 70535 Issue title Trap stays on a map while it's not there anymore Steps to reproduce Not sure why, but here what I did: — placed a Trap; — put a Carrot as a Bite; — leaved a trap (it's visible area); — caught a Bunny; — got back to my Trap; — picked it up; — leaved the area where it was placed, but it's still there on a map. Describe your issue Here's a screenshot
  17. Yes… YEAASSSSS!!1 Where should I sign?! I definitely vote for your idea, theboneknight! ♥
  18. There's a bug happening all the time. Well, as massgamer said… I just can't hold it anymore. So… What if the edge of the game's world would be interactive? Imagine that: — things you throw there disappear in a sea forever; — army of spiders are chasing you and you fall off the cliff; — a gobbler you chasing falls off with his meat; — how about fishing there? — lemmings… Well, that would be much more fun then just a dead end
  19. Well, why are you even catching them then? Just kill them right away, pffft… It's a super-easy thing to do; I mean it. Traps are useful for rabbits without a home, that's it (imho). Still, I like the idea of different traps (to be safe or harm), that's +1.
  20. Works fine to me. - - - Updated - - - p.s. Windows 8 isn't compatible with most of screen capture software.
  21. Just tried. Hm… It's absolutely fine to me My specs: Win7 64x (all updates are installed), NVIDIA gtx 550 ti, 310.70 driver version
  22. Ah! Now I get it! Thanks for explaining it to me Omg! That would be absolutely insanely great thing, massgamer!!! You should put it into Suggestions, like… now!!! "I would of loved to chase gobbler to the cliffs and have it jump off the side" so the player could too, as well! Like… Spiders are chasing player and he falls of the cliff! Haha! Would be so freaking great thing to have in this game, since there's just a border and you can't do anything about it. Dude, seriously, create a thread and put it into suggestions! It's an awesome idea!