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  1. Oh, sorry then. Still feels a bit strange P.S. Looks like ArtMoney interface xD
  2. Wait… Sleep Darts actually works?! I tried it so many times, but there wasn't any effect! ._. Well, yea, I'm agree with you
  3. Huh? Never heard about it… Any details? A link to the message, maybe? Please
  4. As far, as I can remember, developers said that all game progress will be reset with Don't Starve official release.
  5. But, but, but, but… But… That means no texture packs in future? :'(
  6. But that's why traps exists in game, right? Oh, and I really loved the feature that other Rabbits are hiding, when you kill one near them.
  7. I feel your pain. Krampus never appeared since "Krampus update". Still can't get him around.
  8. Pretty strange, but I never paid any attention to it before, just would love to know the answer. Thanks.
  9. Yep. Spiders act in the same strange way. They're trying to reach the other land but, like, can't understand they actually can't do it:
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Health reaches zero, but character is still alive Steps to reproduce Get hit and try not to die luckily Describe your issue Proof:
  11. Yea, I noticed it a long time ago, but doesn't seem important (to me); if developers didn't noticed it by themselves, then it is.
  12. I was thinking about it a few days ago. So, yeah, it's happening because there's nothing to reach when all things are crafted. Just remember popular sandbox games. All the fun ends as your character becomes the end-character. You don't need anything, because you have everything. Just wait till Don't Starve have an achievement system (well, I hope it will be there) and some story elements (tasks, probably). Still, if it will stay as it is now, the only thing, that will help is hardcore gameplay (one hit and you're dead, for example). So, the only thing that will keep your interest to Don't Starve is new items and new creatures, probably. There should be more creativity, in game, like: players have an ability to create their own biomes (shovel ftw), pet any creature and make it stronger, an ability to recreate everything you can destroy & etc. But Don't Starve is about surviving with some sandbox elements and randomness (and it's too easy to survive, if you ask me). For example: you won't get bored if you'll start to lose everything you had at death (I mean the whole achieved progress, recipes, characters, everything). Hm… I can't understand for what age this game was made, so, I probably shouldn't talk about how hard it should be if it's about surviving. Oh, well… The only pretty last thing, that could help while the game is in beta stage and plenty of people get bored too fast, is — community tasks. Need to find someone who playing the game with all his huge interest (and just can't get bored anyhow), interested to give tasks to people; who will create a thread, make a list of people and will start give them their tasks, like: — kill Spider Queen with only your fists; — collect 90 Rabbits (alive) in 10 chests and break the chests after; — shave all Beefalo on map in 24 hrs. Then you need to proof you reached the goal you had (recorded video, screenshot). If it's approved you reached the goal, you get user reputation on forum from all participants (or something). Well, that's what in my head. P.S. I'm sorry for bad grammar and/or mistakes I made, English language isn't my native one.
  13. When you run from Rabbit Hole to Rabbit it's too easy to kill it, because it's running right in your way (to it's Rabbit Hole). I think it would be better if Rabbit could run away from character first, (just like Gobbler) and then — Rabbit will try to reach it's Rabbit Hole. How about that?
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Bees are trying to reach other land. Steps to reproduce When bees are near other land, they're trying to reach it, but can't, because there's water between these lands. Describe your issue Here's a screenshot. Can't confirm yet, but I think, that other creatures will act the same way. I'll send another bug if that will happen.
  15. Oh, stop that whining, SeriMert. Now go and find some!
  16. Happened to me just once like… three builds ago, I think.
  17. I'm laughing so hard, gosh! That made my day! :'D
  18. Welcome! Yeah, it happens now and the same thing was in previous builds as well. Won't happen too often, though. Well, it's not that often happens to me, personally.
  19. Kinda funny to find out that something grows out of bounds now, instead of meat and stuff around, hehe…
  20. I can confirm that the problem is still there (yeah, it was like that in all previous builds too).
  21. Just wanted to submit the same bug. I confirm it. Redbird is invisible in a Bird Trap (but I have no idea if it's the same for the Crow, yet).