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  1. Thanks, ninjawarior (btw, why it's "warior" and not "warrior", sorry for asking, but I just want to understand why, lol) I'm pretty sure it won't go far enough, hehe. Just for fun. Will do his demon form pretty Soon. And… Well, I can't describe him a lot, cause of language (which isn't my native, of course, and, yes, I mean English *giggles*), but I'll try to do it a bit later
  2. It's kinda really strange there's no water in survival game. There's even Wilson…
  3. I just found out why it's happen. Before items were out of bounds and stay there, now when it's happen they're disappear in a second or two.
  4. His nature, well, he is afraid of everything; loves nature (…at least while he is in sane human form…) Demonic form in progress… Isn't that Walter (which is awesome, in my opinion). I'm sorry, MilleniumCount; it was just the first name, that came up in my head, that starts with "W" letter. Maybe because I saw your thread before and it's stuck in my head somewhere, I have no idea, really Update (testing out in-game look): click on a pic for full size Update (playing with his forms & etc.): Update (another tryout):
  5. This happened to me as well. Only once, but still, looks like the problem is there somewhere.
  6. It was around 150, but I got bored after and killed myself
  7. Yeah. Also, this:
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Items out of bounds. Again. Steps to reproduce It happened because there was no place in my inventory, I was holding something in my hands already and tried to pickup another thing from the ground. Describe your issue Screenshot.
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Abigail won't disappear during the daylight and... Steps to reproduce If player touches Abigail right when the day starts (when Abigail should disappear) — she stays for a minute and levitating still, and then poof! She's gone. Just like a blink. Second problem is Abigail's attacks. If she touches creatures it's okay, but when she attacks anything that spawn creatures, here's the next bug starts. If Abigail destroy Spider Den or Beehive it won't drop anything and just slowly fades away, then blink and disappear immediately. Another thing I want to say about — is how she attack creatures. She miss pretty often if creature moves (like 2 of 3). Describe your issue Abigail didn't disappear during the daylight.
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Ghost can die, but nothing happens Steps to reproduce 1. Find a Ghost; 2. Attack it; 3. Kill it; 4. Ghost is killed (you can't attack it anymore) and still alive in the same time (following player, hurting him). Describe your issue Don't know if it's a bug, but it was like that all the time, and it's a strange thing, that's pretty much it. If ghost can't be attacked (and killed), there shouldn't be Attack option, I think. But if it's really possible to kill it, it should die, like every other creatures do. Well, that's just my opinion.
  11. Well, the same thing happened with my girlfriend not so long time ago. She said, that she dropped her Mandrake stack on the ground and couldn't get them back; she also described that they were, like, levitating in the air (or something like it). Well, yea, it looks like the problem with Mandrake is there somewhere.
  12. Thanks a lot, Toaster Fu. Ah! I meant that by: "Some players who have earned a lot of research points already may be disappointed. I'm sorry for this, but you have been warned. This is a beta, after all", I thought it's about reset.
  13. I'm in I have more than six years animation experience By the way, a few days ago I started thinking about fan flash animation of Don't Starve xD Here's my animation reel (not all are included, but still a lot xD):
  14. I was at over 100 days, got bored and get myself killed Use black magic ;3