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  1. Since I don't know where to post it, I'll just leave it here.
  2. I need a story, then I'll make an animated storyboard (we'll fix it a bit after), then we can start to work on that fan animation
  3. Let me hear your composing examples. You should understand that there's going to be several themes with random mood. Also, I'm not going to spend too much time on it for a "tv quality" cartoon. It would be two-three weeks or so. That would be pretty enough for 2 minute animation. I'm not going to use too much fbf as well (well, it actually depends on style and quality of toon). So it's going to be mixed tween and some fbf animation. I mean… it isn't a comission or something. Just a collaboration. And here's another thing: I won't be the only graphic/animation artist in this collab.
  4. Hello. I was going to do it myself, but I don't have any good idea for fan animation, so, yeah. If you have any or if you can sketch it in comics look (even stickmans would be great) that would be even more awesome. Think about it and let me know, okay? :)Here's my animation reel (new animations not included, though):
  5. So, Klei Don't Starve must have a camera control hud/interface. At least, it could be an optional thing, after all :3
  6. Конечно, блокирует. Одна из функций защиты ММО игр расчитана на блокировку сторонних программ, выполняющих команды (будь то скрипты, запись действий и пр.); короче говоря, их система будет распознавать сторонние программы как ботов (не все, конечно, но все же). Не знаю точно, но думаю, что все так и есть. Если тебе необходимо одновременно играть в LA2 и Don't Starve, то да, единственным решением будет добавление интерфейса управления камерой разработчиками.
  7. "Examine" thing just adds a bit more atmosphere to the game, I think.
  8. Left (as it is now) for pick up/set up/get/put; Middle (as Shift+LMB now) for examine; Right (as Ctrl+LMB now) for attack/chop/hammer & etc.
  9. Also Shift + numbers would be an awesome thing too, for a backpack.
  10. Haha! Nah, I like it! I just thought it was a joke, lol! These are fine
  11. Написал тебе на почту. Tried to help him. If anyone interested in full mouse control over applications, you probably should try this software. I made a simple configuration file for «Don't Starve» game; here's what I used: Down arrow: acSendKeyDown(40) Up arrow: acSendKeyDown(38) Left arrow (Q key): acSendKeyDown(81) Right arrow (E key): acSendKeyDown(69) The program itself is pretty understandable and simple to use. Just need to get things right first. Well… I hope this will help someone. Update: configuration file is attached now; just put it in program's folder (and replace).
  12. Hah! Not a problem at all I just checked it out, it looks pretty sweet ♥
  13. I'll try, man, I'll try. Just want to finalize character's forms first.
  14. Updated. Still trying various variations Let me know what you guys think about them, please
  15. Hm, pretty strange… That was the first thing I thought about. Still won't keep itself like a right thing in my head, somewhere… I just can't put a straight line between… Oh, wait… Sarcasm you said? Well… Uh… Uhm… Oki-doki? Still, it gets meh' confused a bit, yelmh, mhm… Yea… Off-topic: can't wait for DmC, preordered it, already… I mean… These guys made Heavenly Sword!
  16. Ah, heheh, I see Will draw it today, I think. What Nero are you talking about?