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  1. Bug - Camera and Line of Sight

    I have a bunch of screenshots of the bug happening, but I haven't been able to reproduce it since about halfway through my testing (after a second reboot). Here are my screens for posterity, hopefully they'll help fix something. (Apparently 100k is too much for the forum)
  2. Bug - Camera and Line of Sight

    I am playing the Steam version of the game, for starters.On the level "The Fall of Hessian Tower," when entering the room on the first floor with a vertical vent, before the cutscene where your target is displayed, the camera biases hard to the left, to the point that when pressed against the right hand wall (a sealed door), my avatar becomes invisible. I can ascend the vent, view the cutscene, and then proceed, but the camera issues make the level virtually unplayable. The character is displayed approximately 2/3 of the way to the right of the screen, and when leaning against doors, is flush against the side of the monitor, meaning I cannot see anything on the other side. Manually moving the camera position via the numpad leaves the newly revealed areas out of line of sight (blurry, with no objects visible.)The camera positioning issue persisted when loading the game in a different level. However, the line of sight issue did not persist, allowing me to see normally if I adjusted with the right thumbstick (I use a 360 controller)Restarting the client will reset the camera position, but will not necessarily reset the line of sight issues.I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. This did not resolve the issue.I have done some additional testing and this issue occurs intermittently when the camera seems to change focus - when looking at the artifact at the beginning of stage 2, or when reaching the middle of the top platform while pushing the box in the first scroll area of Hessian Tower. Usually, resetting the client will reset the camera position, but will not prevent the issue from recurring.I would really like to finish this game, so, a fix would be nice.