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  1. Kelly Kill Issue?

    I'm playing on 360. I'd guess it's the same problem on the 360 version, but it's more difficult to patch out on that end (I've heard horror stories about the cost of patching games on 360). That's fine, I'm just glad it's not my file specifically that's borked. Thanks!I'll just have to upload the run without the bonus on that particular stage.
  2. Kelly Kill Issue?

    Tried clearing my system cache, since I know that occasionally fixes oddities like this, but no dice.
  3. Kelly Kill Issue?

    I know you all are busy with the Steam launch, so I understand if you can't take the time to help me figure this out, but... I've been trying to get a no-kill run of Mark of the Ninja (360) recorded. Up through level 4, no complaints, going great, but on level 5, it seems that killing Kelly counts against the "no enemies killed bonus" at the end. It marks one enemy with an X and doesn't give the 5k bonus at the end. I've got a video recorded of the run in question, and have tried a few different paths/methods since then just in case someone died along the way that I didn't notice. Any advice? If anyone can spy an enemy kill in there somewhere, then I shall commit seppuku from shame. Here's the video: Thanks for the help!