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  1. And that was exactly it. I noticed, when reflexively hitting the numpad, everything would go just a little off kilter, but by using the arrow keys instead of the numpad I easily finished the first level finally. Thanks gang, and amazing game btw!
  2. ROFL! I have to say I am king of finding these things! Thanks! Rebinding to test it out.
  3. I posted this on the Steam forums as was directed to post here as well.For the record I use a keyboard, but I did rebind the movement keys to the numpad.What happens is, after playing for a short while, the camera seems to fall away from the character until it is literally impossible to see him onscreen, he seems to be off to the side. I've also noticed that right before this happens targetting with the mouse gets a little off, meaning I have to point off in the distance a little to get grappling and darts to hit their marks.Windows XP, Drivers up to date. Not sure on anything else in my system, but this is the only game I really have any issues with. Any help would be appreciated.