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  1. Control Question

    @cakesaleThanks allot to post, i tried that already. I use it to play other games like X-Com right now, and all those other games that force a Xbox Controller. However, Mark of the Ninja comes already with a "xinput1_3.dll" in the Bin folder, and as long as it is there nothing i setup in the x360ce software do any change. Unless i delete it, and let the x360ce software create a new one ... then the game don't accept any controller.Funny, a game that one person made, Retro City Rampage, has a manually configurable controller setup ... while Mark of the Ninja which is not Klei's first game ... don't sport it.
  2. Control Question

    I see. Well then, thanks for the information.
  3. Control Question

    @superfrankyThanks for the hint, but it's saying in the remark, that "The one has 2 plugs actually doesn't work.", and sadly i have one of those "Twin USB Joysticks".@JoeWI know that you can not reconfigure the Controllers configuration in Mark of the Ninja, as i searched and not found anything. As i wrote to superfranky, i have a Twin USB Adapter, where one can connect 2 PSX controllers. There is no fancy "Button remap" software that came with it, unlike my mouse, something like that could be expected of a game ... or not? How hard is it, to create a .ini file, where one could manually change button funktions, like most Unreal and other engines do it?
  4. Control Question

    Hi,I am playing with the thought to buy Mark of the Ninja. However, i simply don't like the Xbox controllers, i hated the Xbox one and the Xbox360 ones are a plague as well. I am using a PSX2 Controller at a USB Adapter for PC.This setup works very well with any games that don't sport the annoying Microsoft policy to force the use of a Xbox360 controller.A friend bought Mark of the Ninja, and let me try to play it using said setup. The problem is, basically it's working, just the buttons are messed up. So far i didn't find something that "should" be the first thing one see in a Option Menu ... Control Settings.So my question, is there any way, to redefine the buttons?