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  1. Lost all saves.

    I just logged into the game after a while, wanting to finish it. Close to the end too. Found out all my saves are gone. All. I love the game man but I'm just too swamped with stuff to go through it again. Is there a way to recover the saves? Or god knows, a cheat code that lets to skip levels?
  2. Bug - My autosave is gone after quitting the game. (PC Version)

    Ah thanks! Glad to know it's fine now
  3. I lost my autosave after playing in the level "At The Foot Of Heissen Tower". I was on my 3rd opening the gas vent objective when I had to quit, so I alt-F4 out of the game.Came back to play hours later only to find that I am now back in the beginning of the level. Was pretty frustrated. Game still recorded my "Terrify a Guard by killing another with a gas mine" seal though.Here's my system specs:Operating System: windows 7 HomeProcessor: Intel Core i5-2500k CPUMemory: 12GB RAMGPU: geForce 560 ti