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  1. i can confirm i encountered this exact behavior too, windows xp 64 bit
  2. lets weigh the optionswith leaderboards you can:1) view potentially hacked top scores2) view friends scores3) view your own scoreswithout leaderboards you can:1) view no scoresi would think any of the 3 would beat having absolutely nothing, and at least 2 out of 3 would outweigh even the probability of hacked scores
  3. hi, i just wanted to ask for assured confirmation whether it supports and runs on windows xp 64-bit SP2. I know the game reqs says windows xp SP3 but thats specific to 32-bit, it just want to know if anyone knows 100% that it runs or has run it themselves on windows xp 64-bit SP2, before buying. usually this would be no big deal, and i wouldnt give it any thought, but after being burned by 2 recent titles that dont "officially" support windows xp (XCOM and Dishonored, tho dishonored did run), im more wary of what can and cant run on my OSthx