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  1. Ive read that the game saves automaticly when you exit, but whenever i exit to the main menu, or exit the game completly, i only get new game, or new world from the menu. Is there a reason why you only allow chrome users to save their games? When you exit, it states are you sure, you will loose all progress from last save, but the game never seems to save anyway. Yesterday, i played up to about 30 days ingame, unlocked lots of tech, even made a meat effigy to help with death, yet when i came to play today, all my progress is lost, appart from tech points id amassed and the tech unlocked, i arrive into the game with nothing else. What point is there in playing if you just loose everythign when you exit, are we suppsoe to keep the game running continusly forever? Theres no manual or anythign to tell me anything useful. Has saving not been properly implemented yet? BTW ive tried running with steam enabled and disabled, but still no difference
  2. I am running the steam version, i forgot to mention. Im not fan of chrome. The only thign ive noticed is even though there is a save folder in the game directory, steam uses the user data folder. Maybe the game isnt looking in the right place?
  3. Ive had a bit of trouble, i exited back to the main menu, and it showed i could continue, but i needed to exit the game for a while. When i laoded the game back up, the only options available were New Game, and New World, i cant continue my previous game, even though i wasnt dead. Id build some meat effigies, so i could ressurrect. Does the game have issues with saving after youve ressurrected?