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  1. Thought I'd post again with 2 more bugs I found (in the Steam version), both in The Fall of Hessian Tower. First off, there's a part in the challenge map where if you position yourself just right... You can hit that switch without climbing down. Later on in the level there's also a point where, if you time it right, you can attempt to grapple to a point that you shouldn't be able to. You don't end up getting stuck, thankfully, but it's rather odd to see. I was able to reproduce both, with some difficulty. Also, I'm sorry if the screenshots appear dark- they do on my screen, but I know my screen is darker than it should be, and since I'm not sure if they'll appear that way on anyone else's I didn't want to risk editing them.
  2. I'm playing the Steam version and noticed a bug with grappling. I've only noticed this in this area (the challenge room in "A Change in Course"), where it's not exactly helpful, but it could be exploited if it's a system-wide thing. Essentially, if you aim just right... You'll go straight through the lasers without getting killed. I can consistently reproduce it in this area (or at least I could while attempting the challenge).
  3. I apologize for double posting but I can't seem to find an edit button.I did end up finding a slightly newer driver for my video card. Apparently a week's worth of updating all the way back in January 2011 was enough to get the game working! Well, I can't check if the game itself works fine, but hopefully it well. Thanks for reminding me to do that, in any case!
  4. Certainly. My video card is a 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT. DirectX is at 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904), which to my understanding is the last supported version for XP. I'm relatively certain that all my drivers have been updated, and I'm currently double checking that. Would including the diagnostics file in the game's folder be helpful at this point?My laptop's certainly getting older, but it can handle most recently released games decently so I'm surprised that this'd be an issue. I guess I did expect my luck to run out eventually though, hah.
  5. Unfortunately, I'm still having an issue with crashing even after the patch (well, I didn't buy it till after, so...). When the game starts, it starts going through the logos (for a varying amount of time; I've only seen Microsoft's once out of a few tries) and then... goes black with the game's cursor for a bit before it crashes entirely (and tells me that game.exe crashed). I'm running Windows XP, which I guess matters here since I think everyone else was running 7. I think this is the correct minidump file? I'm really looking forward to playing, so hopefully this is something that won't take too long to fix, even if it's actually on my end...