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  1. That's what I thought, but they wake up in red alert state instead.To the devs, here's another idea:Allow us to freely refund any of the upgrades we purchase, get the points back and be able to invest them elsewhere.What does this achieve?1. When you refund an upgrade, it's like you never purchased that upgrade at all, so you won't need to change the player saves at all.2. It gives players more freedom, they have to commit less to a certain build. I can get to a certain mission using stealth stuff, then move my points around and go on a murdering spree. Now, less commitment to one playstyle can be seen in a positive and negative way, but I think, it would fit Mark of the Ninja well.In addition to that, you could just use symbols to symbolize refunding the upgrade (like a red cross, you click it to refund the upgrade) instead of adding more text that you'd have to translate to different languages.Looking forward to hearing your opinion on that.Cheers,Vingdoloras
  2. I'm pretty far into the game already, but I'm managing fine without smokebombs. I just loved smoke bombs so much because of the laser blocking. But now it's basically worthless to me, which I find kind of sad. Downgrading equipment would also be useful for different playthroughs with the same save file (I will try one killing every guard unnoticed, one stealth, and maybe something else, and I don't know if any other upgrades will interfere with my intentions, like the smoke bomb).Cheers,Vingdoloras
  3. Hello there! I have an issue with smoke bombs, not bug related, but related to how upgraded smoke bombs work. I prefer the complete stealth play style (dont kill anyone, dont be detected at all), and smoke bombs are by far my favourite tool for getting through hard areas. I got the smoke bomb upgrade as Soon as I could, as it sounds like it would improve smoke bombs (which it does), but that completely ruined them for me. Guards that get poisoned by my smoke bomb cause an alarm and automated detection as Soon as the smoke bomb ends, no matter how far away I am. Could you please allow us to deactivate upgrades again? Is there a way to do this that I missed? Cheers, Vingdoloras