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  1. Well, thats the thing about my luck. Never could play demo - cant play after paying xP Thanks for your help so far and i hope for playing this game.In my life
  2. Allright i redeemed one code from the page, used the key from Humble Bundle on my steam but it says its ''Invalid Product Code''. pre-install page still is not working and Google Store wont let me install.
  3. uh...Sorry i dont really know how to find page with they Key >.> Im not really good into this stuff. Really sorry for taking your time but there is really a lot of Humble/Bundle/ etc. pages and i have no idea where is the one with Dont Starve.
  4. Turning off my Gmail and stuff didnt worked, i turned off my Google Account. I guess its something with my Graphics Card
  5. Sadly, all of my applications are off ;/ This isnt helping me at all :[ Im gonna try plugging few things out, and see what happens. - - - Updated - - - I have ATI Radeon HD 4600
  6. Hello. I recently bought the game ''Dont Starve'' from official page, paying with my paypal. I have a problem installing the game. When im on page i press ''Click Here to Play'' and then ''Add to Chrome''. So it moves me into the Dont Starve Pre-install page, and its blank. The whole page is just white, and nothing is happening. [screenshot: ]. When i go to Google Store it says ''This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled'' right above application. I have my Ad-Blocker disabled and i dont have any download managers ON. I dont really know what to do now -Czarson Solution: -I got few application problems and outdated google chrome! Everything is working fine now.