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  1. Well damn I've been playing with the Bourne soundtrack in the background. Didn't even know it had an update. Time to dive back in...
  2. These are most likely commands for devs to test levels. Don't expect to see them for the players.
  3. Got my 100% last night. Best game I've played in ages. Hoping to see more Ninja in the future.
  4. Hmm... definitely a bug because that didn't happen when I did it. It even showed him X'd out in the end tally but gave me points for no enemies killed.
  5. Any chance we'll be seeing a level editor of any kind? Even if it was an external map building tool, I'd still love to be able to craft levels as well as play ones the community has made. An in-game editor would be juicy.
  6. I thought the upgraded smoke bomb only disabled (dizzied, if you will). Doesn't that mean they just wake up in yellow alert state afterwards if you just leave them alone?
  7. I think the best solution to this would be to make a friends-only leaderboard. This would prevent hackers from ruining the game for people AND encourage game sales ("hey man, you should get this game and try to beat my scores!").Other things to think about are speedrun/challenge modes for levels. Lose all the story stuff, let the players pick their suit and gadgets, and cut 'em loose. Leaderboards for points and speed would both be amazing. I'll reference Dustforce as a game that did this very well. They had separate tabs for score/time, as well as global/friends: Also replays would be excellent but that's just very wishful thinking.