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  1. I seem to have some issue closing the game. Game runs fine and appears to close normally when I exit from the menu. But when I try to launch Don't Starve again from the desktop shortcut, it tells me the application is already running. If I try to exit Steam from the system tray I get "Waiting for Don't Starve to shut down..." followed by "Please close Don't Starve before exiting Steam". Have to restart the computer to fix. Not sure if this is an issue with Don't Starve or just my computer or Steam. [EDIT] PS. Sorry if this is in the wrong place... wasn't sure whether to make a new thread or not
  2. Her, and yes, maybe my next game I'll embrace the squigglyness when I build my camp
  3. I like Wendy, I think of her as the weird loner kid who talks to animals and is obsessed with death. A kind of Luna Lovegood, but more morbid.Haven't tried Willow yet but she seems fun. No real interest in trying the strongman guy (I forget his name).
  4. Sorry for having a wrong number of bushes D: But 17 is prime so that's not so bad, right? I could have had less if the farms were evenly spaced, but the one on the left is a bit too far out ಠ_ಠ. I'm storing my "farming tools" (an old spear) in between to make the gap less noticable.
  5. No! He's naked and shamed, he's been through enough as it is!
  6. Beefalo hat: OBTAINED. Now I can die happy. The sad naked beefalo made me lol so much - this is why I love this game.
  7. Wait what you can shave the beefalo!? Man I thought you only got the fur from killing them (I'm playing Wendy as a vegetarian). BEEFALO HAT HERE I COME.
  8. Just got another map with disappearing ocean and rotation does affect it - facing north or south the sea is cut off, facing east or west it's fine.
  9. So I read a suggestion somewhere about introducing seasons to the game, and that got me thinking it would be cool to have to survive in snowy conditions. This could either be done through cycling seasons every X days, or by adding snowy areas to the map. Maybe the player has to progress through increasingly cold and barren terrain to escape from the island?Effects of winter / snowy climates:- Lack of food/supplies: The herds and crows migrate, animals hibernate, grass and berry bushes are sparse or don't regrow, trees die. Let's hope you hoarded enough supplies through the summer or from more fertile islands, if you want to survive. Frozen water prevents fishing/boat travel/etc.- Longer nights, shorter days: Maybe some new predators too (wolves? Abominable snowmen?)- Shelter: You won't survive the night without at least a tent or hut, maybe a nice beefalo coat to keep you warm. Maybe fire is needed for warmth as well as light.Why I think this would be a good idea:Currently, the early game is challenging as you focus on survival - requiring anything more, like shelter, at this stage could make the opening too difficult. But in the mid-late game, survival is never really a concern once you're set up with armour and plenty of food. Having the threat of winter looming, or needing to prepare an expedition to frozen wastelands, would keep you on your toes and force you to think ahead, stockpiling food and building supplies. It would add a new difficulty spike and fresh gameplay challenges where they're needed - in the mid-late game - while not making the opening any more difficult.Also, I think the art would look really cool. (Frozen oceans, bleak snow-covered landscapes, snow storms...)Just some thoughts.~ Squiggles
  10. Sorry don't have the map any more. I'll try rotating if I encounter it again, though.
  11. In some maps items such as trees, bushes etc will spawn slightly off the edge of the land making them unreachable: http://oi47.tinypic.com/161x6qc.jpg I also had one map where the sea, er, ran out: http://oi46.tinypic.com/xku91f.jpg In another game I was attacked by a tree guardian, so I lured him away from the forest then sent him to sleep using the panpipes. Later I was passing the area with some pigmen followers and they attacked the sleeping guardian, waking him up. I tried using the panpipes again but of course that sent the pigs to sleep too, and when they woke up they carried on attacking and woke him up again. Later I came back alone and the tree guardian was awake but had lost interest in me. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but it seems to me that pigmen shouldn't be attacking a guardian that is already sleeping.
  12. Hullo from the UK! (Glasgow, Scotland specifically) I was watching some Let's Play videos of Slender, cause I like horror games but I'm too much of a wuss to play them myself :3 And through related videos I ended up on falpatrick's channel and saw his Don't Starve playthrough. I was just going to play the demo, but of course got addicted and bought a key as Soon as my 15mins was up