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  1. Thanks Kevin. Everything's working great now .
  2. No worries, thanks anyway Toaster. Guess I'll just wait patiently for the dev's get around to fixing it.
  3. This is also what the menu looks like at the moment.
  4. It's set to 67% by default when I log in - only inventory works fine on this setting. If I zoom to 100% I can select field objects but the inventory and building menu become misaligned, the screen also gets pretty blurry too.
  5. I'm having these same issues. Misaligned, more so after purchasing beta. I tried logging in and out but no dice.
  6. Hey, I'm having major screen issues - the menu titles are half cut off to the right hand side of the screen. Even worse, when I'm actually attempting to play the cursor doesn't match up correctly with what I'm hovering over - almost 3 cm off on the default screen size. I've tried zooming in and out as well as full screen. Pretty annoying to work around D: Not sure what's going on, I didn't have any issues on the free demo, seemed to get worse after purchasing beta. Anyone know how to fix this? Much appreciate it