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  1. So far the beefalos are killing the hell out of me. It's hilarious. I sneak up on them at night, I sneak up on them during the day, it doesn't matter. They come quite quickly. They take a lot of killing those great beasts! I think I'll make a pickax! I feel like a character in Silence of the Lambs. "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."
  2. very good. I'm very awkward, not really knowing what to do quickly. but I can kill bunnies quite efficiently, but then they just lay there. I'm not sure if I can eat them. I guess I should cook them first? survival is awful! hahahahah
  3. okay...I'm going to give that a shot. I'm not exactly sure how to make a tool, but if I have trouble, I'll get back here. with an ax, the world is mine.LOOKOUT BEEFALOS!! mammas comin' for you!
  4. First I know I don't know squat. I'm not a game player per se. But this game appeals to me on some crazy level, maybe the desolation. In any case, I can't get out of day one. I keep getting killed. I have no logs because I don't see any logs. I see pines, I see flint, little bushes, grass, etc. I pick them up when they let me. I cut grass like a crazy person. I pickup anything that looks promising. Night comes, I can't make fire. I don't have a log. I am spider food. It's an ugly business.Kindly help me out here but be kind. I"m old. Thank you. -MonkeyBTW...I bought the game, have the codes but I don't seem to have DL'd the game..meaning it's not on my pc. It's on chrome. I don't want it on chrome. I want it on my computer. I thought it would be automatically D/L'd when I input the code.