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  1. Can not get game to start

    Well...I've done pretty much what anyone in the thread has suggested. I don't think my video card is on the blacklist but I did enable the blacklist ignore in the shortcut for chrome.When I hit the console it shows me thisValidBrowser: true [NACL_ENABLED] util.js:16Status: NO-STATUS util.js:16Error: INVALID_STATE_ERR code:7 dump:{"code":7} log.js:1626 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'href' of null chrome-extension://pmbnpdhojaockemklpjlhcebjbbehddj/contentScript.js:1not sure if that helps at all
  2. So after watching just watching TotalBiscuit WTF Is youtube video about Don't Starve I went right over to the site and paid my monies. But, the silly thing just wont load up. No pop-ups to enter my new shiny key into. No error messages to tell me why it's not working. Just the that screen with the big title image and a small box under that with beta 67418 written in it.I've read a few of the other threads people had on the game just not wanting to run. I've re-installed chrome, cleared my cache and app data, update java, and updated my video drivers. Tried restarts, tried all extensions on or off, tried all combos of extensions on or off. I'm not sure what to try next.I'm using an Nvidia 550 Ti video chard.OS is Vista fully updated.Any help would be great. I really wanna start playing