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  1. I really like your idea but i was thinking that its a surface kind of slurper that spreads himself all over his victim and parasitize on his body, takes control over his mind and body. It would control player and when other player kills it the player that was controled by him gets back his freedom and decreased sanity. That would make him another creature that you can not haunt alone.
  2. These are slightly diffrent from current moonrock boulders. Rocks from my post are listed in game as rock1-rock6, while rock7 is current version of moonrock boulder. Probably these rocks are alternative from current moonrock boulders. My favourite is the one that looks like current but is lighter and rocks inside are more black. (this is the one that you mentioned as current)
  3. Hello. I found rocks that ive never seen in game before and i think these are new. Sorry if somebody found it before me and im posting it here... (this is a compilation of these rocks that i made just to make it 1 file) And sorry for my english :/
  4. [ATTACH]3240[/ATTACH] Like this? Nice bug. WWDTTUS.bmp
  5. Hi In 19 second is secret, but i don't know what is this. Please see it slow Sorry for my English