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  1. A diagram explaining what i want to convey in my post
  2. I welcome others to simplify what i wrote ....i realize equations are not for everyone :/
  3. Introduction : I have been quiet on the forumns playing the game "very diligently" on the new test development map. I personally love it. What irks me though is the really long distances one has to travel once one has discovered the major resource points. So i developed my previously stated idea into a full fledged module . Basis : Half way through the game im sure that most players have more than one base camp on the map. This is because a) resources are spread around b) not all resources can be grown at base camp ; out of inability (rocks) or choice (spider farms). This means a lot of game time is wasted just in transporting resources between base camps especially now since the hound updates. I am sure the game designers did not want players doing this for a major portion of the time ( this problem is aggravated in the new map generation system) Suggested module : Turtle transportation system Step 1) Release of a new creature >> turtles Turtles drop morsels like rabbits , live inside twig bushes like gobblers . The special drop is a turtle shell. Step 2) Resource collector turtle X turtle shells + X *V resource + Y gold = V harvesting turtle home where V = ( grass / twig / seeds / meat ) X and Y are suitable numbers The V harvesting turtle home consists of a home + turtle ( as in the pig man case). The turtle home can be opened like a chest and all resources harvested are stored in this. The harvesting turtle AI sets the turtle in a spiral search pattern from the central home for the V resource it was constructed for. The radius of the search spiral can be made finite . On reaching the resource / edge of the radius / r seconds of being stuck at water edge the turtle traces a linear path back to the home base. In case it has harvested the resource, the turtle home will have +1 of the given resource. Step 3 ) Greedy mega turtle : Which is made as a higher research but similar recipe. This turtle searches out other turtle homes and consumes resources from these homes and stores them in its own home. The search pattern algorithm could be the same as before. What does this achieve ? a) Creates a next tech layer of progression by which the player moves away from spending time collection resources to more addons that the game designers may add/ b) A mini game by which the player has to setup an effecient transporation system rather than just a teleportation system as suggested by some. c) Fits in with the game theme.
  4. Wilson Transport System :The idea is to have worms /snakes that move around randomly across the map faster than wilson can run. These worms/snakes are initially hostile and can damage Wilson ( but since they are very fast the do much less damage than say spiders/bees). Just like beekeeper hat if Wilson makes the "snake pants" , he is able to ride these snake/worms
  5. Wilson needs a pet dog .The idea is to search and find for a small pup in the given map and feed it every day till it grows into a pet which is slightly more intelligent than the current pigmen. This would give more attachment to the game and provides scope for the developers to fork out more content
  6. Idea is to have a long distance transportation system to a selected base for resources. It is a slow moving turtle with 4 slots which traverses the terrain slowly to reach the chosen base with your intended items.Implementation : As of now you have a similar implementation for rabbits and the trap+bait combo where the rabbit asset moves slowly towards the trap+bait location. This idea will entail building a homing target point in the base. The turtle is carried in the inventory and when set free it will slowly move towards the target point. The turtles inventory can be used like a chest when its set on the ground.It can be loaded into character inventory only when turtle inventory is empty.
  7. Ranged Weapon!?

    Our use seeds as ammo ...nice idea
  8. 1) Positioning of farms/items. At this time he character places the item right where he is standing. Wouldn't it be better to have a cursor based positioning of the items ? I think this should better control over item placement2) A control to switch between items in the vicinity : This would help cycling through interactive overlapping items.3) ability to set markers on the map like plotting a path so that we can have assistance while making long tree-roadsor placing chests4) Stay command for pigs so they dont keep follow you if you dont want them too . They can become a lil irritating after some time when constantly get in the way.5) knowing which crop is growing. At this time we dont know which crop is planted as all look the same while growing. Could there be some way we can differentiate ? Like say different colour / leaves? Helps with feeling good for a compulsive arranger
  9. Game gets slow

    I think thread is related to the problem i posted somewhere else in the forum . My Update time is hovering around 35-40 while rendering i at 10-12 . So I guess my problem will be addressed when this problem is hot-fixed ?
  10. For all practical purposes i believe Don't Starve should be much lighter on the system than League of Legends or Torchlight II ( which run very smoothly on my system )? If so I shouldn't be experiencing the lag i see while running this game in Chrome . There are multiple instances of chrome.exe running and dont starve lags especially when running around in the forested area. Is this a known issue ? If not what can I do to see whats causing this problem ?On a fairly related question : When is Dont starve separating from chrome. Chrome is installed on my system only for this game and I dont like it
  11. Hi , I just bought the game and was trying to make a large farm with 30 farm plots. I have seen that friend-pigs can cut trees one is cutting . It would be could if we could set some friend pigs to say harvest farm plots and put the food in an attached chest. How hard would writing code for this be ? I am an AI programmer myself so I could write down pseudo code for you