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  1. I can't private message you either, don't know why s: I'd answer if I could.So, What if I give you my mail or something?
  2. Tring to send you a key, but it says you cant receive private messages

  3. The thing is, Thecheeser hasn't been online since 7th, so... I'm startint to think that unfortunately he may not even come back
  4. Aw man! Tought there were 15 replies already! :oReduce the minimum replies to 10, or just give it to those already here is indeed a good idea.
  5. wooow I was about to make a new tread about needing a key, this tread fell from the sky *-*I'm not really allowed to use credit or debit cards to buy these kind of stuff, so I've spent some time watching Don't starve episodes from youtube to "fill" my hunger xDI really hope I get it, but if not, let me thank you, there's not many guys giving away keys like that.I'll wait for the reply