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  1. The characters art style don't match up to the rest of the world, BUT that does not make it any less epic. This is possibly one of the most in depth characters on Klei's DL section. I'm gonna download and mess around with this.
  2. I get no crashes, and i use "All is well that Maxwell". Can both types be installed at the same time, or do they conflict? Also, when i leave the Tiki's area the flame gets much much larger, but when i get close to it, i gets smaller, is the normal? i currently use the "Always on Tiki Torch".
  3. I found out the problem! Turned out i had forgotten to update the game. I got the game via a, so ya, i forgot the fact that i gotta update the game manually, and not via the shi*** Steam client madness. Your mod seems to run just fine now. I feel soo stupid
  4. What's the difference between the two files?
  5. I think the reason this is no longer updated is because of the console commands does the very same thing.
  6. When in the mod selection, it says "Crashed" in red and it won't enable at all.
  7. Bbck to minecraft... Sorry had to say it...But i totally love this idea too!!!You sir/miss, got my vote!
  8. Thanks for the feed back ^_^Yeah, just some ideas.I would like to see the compass at the very least. Should be a very easy thing to implement i would guess.The backpacks would be great too, but of course not needed yet at the current point,to few things in the game to care about such things.Though maybe when more stuff is introduced, the backpacks might be better?Also, the chests seems rather small in space. Any reason for that???Good to store food so monsters won't take the stuff, but that's about all they seem useful for...
  9. I have become a huge fan of the game within the last 24 hours of playing, to such a point I totally forgot to go to work! This game offers exactly what i have been looking for for ages! A pure survival game without to much combat or building needed, but a focus on survival, somewhat a bit like Stranded games, but this beats Stranded too! Now after been playing for countless of hours and missing one day of work, I have also given the thought of what i'd like to see in the game. Now please remember this: This is just my wishlist. Weather it's on their to-do list or not, i do not know as i haven't been offered a list of their to-do yet. But then, that might be a spoiler i guess. Just a wishlist of things i'd like to see in the game in the future: -Co-Op with just another player. --More then 2 people in a wolrd can get quite crowded and food can become quite scarce really fast. --"Friendly fire" - toggleable --Chat function for online play only --Maybe the use of IRC systems? --A simple server list that updates maybe once a minute, showing open/available games. --2 characters, 1 single and one multiplayer. To split up the possibly cheated chars (it's bound to happen Sooner or later!) -More creeps for the world when exploring further from the spawn-isle area. --Now i haven't explored to much yet, i plan on that, but yeah, still a wish to see. -More tools and weapons to mess around with. --More magical items too!!! - REALLY want to see more magical things, even silly stuff!!! -Please offer backpacks for twice inventory space. --Carrying more stuff in the backpack could slow the player down a little bit, but not to much. -Many more various foods and healing items and protective items or even items to speed up the players movement or tool usage. --A trinket menu for head, neckless, wrists, belt, and all 10 fingers, to buff the player in both good and dumb ways and even add silly stuff too. -More treasure items. -A way to make something like walls or to ward of creatures from entering ones camp/home. -A way to get across water or fly through the air? -Option menu - I'm aware that this may get added, but i thought i'd wish it non the less. --Volume controle for: SFX, BGM, Voices --Ability to resize the game screen. --To toggle some visual effects, like animations or shadows or the like, to ease the game a little on both the eyes and CPU usage. --Ability to redefine the buttons/controles -An actual wiki page that describes the game in a bit bigger detail. -a compass to the map, because, it's easy to loose orintation when you rotate your view... I'm aware that some may be opposed to some of these suggestions/wishes/ideas - But that is what they are... Nothing more then something i'd like to see in the game too. Now don't go tell me to go play Tarreia or Minecraft just because I wish for even silly stuff. These are just ideas, treat them as such.
  10. I'm to lazy to rapidly click and click and click......The holding click feature saves both time and does not strain my motivation to do nothing beyond it's average point *wink*Now i only just joined about 17 hours from this post, so i can't say how the game was before. But as it is, I enjoy it much!And i'll continue to do so!
  11. I got the game this morning, and been playing all day!This game has sooooo much potential!I'm deff' gonna stick around to see the various updates for this.Terreia was good.Minecraft was better.But "Don't Starve" beats them to ashes!!!I love the whole survival theme, but neither Minecraft or Terreia seemed to grasp that mechanic like "Don't Starve" does.Btw, is there a list somewhere where I can see whom is involved in the development of this game???