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  1. Purchased game, Lost Email

    Just bumping this so it isn't forgotten. I haven't had any response to the feedback tool yet... I'm sure the devs are busy working on the game but I'd like to play it (even if it is my fault it's messed up in the first place) :)EDIT: I got tired of waiting. I just purchased the game again. I would still like some some sort of reply to my feedback, though.
  2. Purchased game, Lost Email

    Yeah, I sort of have a... unique situation. :)My initial request wasn't very verbose or detailed but I won't flood them with emails, I'll just wait for them to request additional information from me. Thanks! I'll post here when I get a resolution.
  3. Purchased game, Lost Email

    The issue is that I probably did receive the email, but I was accidentally logged into my old AOL account (which I use for YouTube). I later merged the AOL and Google accounts today. Afterwards, I tried to log into my AOL account since I made the purchase with it, and lo! It's bee locked due to "suspicious activity" (I haven't used the account in years for email). So I have to go through the call customer service to unlock your account thing, and the only issue is that they apparently wipe all your emails when you reset that way. And since I bought the game on my AOL account instead of my Gmail account, and now they're linked, I can't just sign into my AOL account and the game does not recognize that I've linked the accounts, so it simply gives me the option to purchase the game.Regardless, I filled out my info on the contact form
  4. Purchased game, Lost Email

    Yes. Forgive me, this is my first purchase using Google Wallet so I'm not quite sure how this works.I should mention, a bit ago I finally received an order receipt but it's just for Google Wallet. I still have no game keys in my email. Does this take some time, is it immediate? Checked my spam folders as well.
  5. Purchased game, Lost Email

    Hey there!I saw a review of this game and decided to give it a shot. I purchased the game, and through a long convoluted process involving password resets and deleted email I lost my email with my game keys in it. I can still see my account number through my Google Wallet transaction history. How can I get my activation keys? Is there any way to re-send the email?Thanks in advance!