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  1. Everything is fine, i got my key back, thank you for your help and also thank you support team.
  2. I used "Contact us" now and i hope i get the key back
  3. Thank you for your answers, i checked my google wallet transaction and found the entry, shall i now send a admin/mod a ticket with the order date and number?
  4. OK, thank you, may i shall contact the support if i find out how :/
  5. i dont got an mail to that account for months
  6. No, i never got any mails from the game or klei enternainment, except for my registration on the forum, but i also used another e-mail account for that :/
  7. Today i wanted to give away the extra key i got from Purchasing the Beta of the game, as i clicken on "Product keys" in the Main Menu, i had to recognize that the key has gone, why:confused:? Here is a Picture of what i shown to me if i click on "Product keys": I hope someone can help me, thank you.