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  1. Hi,When you die, and retry the game, if you do escape and main menu, the game will begining again and impossible to go to main menu... I don't try to close chrome for see if the game have saved after the first night.Have fun
  2. Another little bug when you die

    Thanks Excess, I read my message and haven't understand what i wrote myself ^^
  3. Hi,While I was writing my profile, I noticed my job: cooker. It is a passion (first interest, i don't know the english word).I would like to cook something in don't starve !!! A stew of buffalo with carrot and some aromatics herbs, a rabbit with berry...I start the game yesterday, perhaps this functionality exist i don't know. We have a farm plot, a fire. I'm missing a few ingredients and a pot :)Sorry for this google english ^^
  4. nice idea, i will suggest to my chief ^^Instead of the trap section (just one trap that could be in the tools sections like the bug net), a cook and alchemy section should be created. Potion of flowers and cook of meat and vegetable that will give bonus for exemple.A honey roast porc with carot mashed and fried potatos
  5. Hi you, what do you want to know ? Maybe you should PM me :)

  6. hi,Thanks for this funny game ! I try it and notice a little bug. A flint was on the edge of the map (between water and grass) and can't be picked up... a very little bug
  7. Hi,a friend buy the game for me but send me just one key, he say he has received just one. Is this key valable for 2 users ?
  8. ok ! that's good thanks for the answer !
  9. cant purchase dont starve

    omg i search for a key from 3 weeks and a guy give one free.... sniffWhy only google wallet wich don't work for some card !!!!
  10. Hi guys,Have you a key to sell by paypal ? Contact me by PM !