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  1. I dont have the reasearch for tht yet, but even tho if I did it might of took resources tht could be on the other side of the swamp if i were in a scarce resource place and if i were to try to go passed the swamp it would only took 2 hits when passing by and im dead.
  2. I didnt have armor, but I had my backpack on and to put on logsuit it takes off backpack so i wasnt exactly ready for the attack..
  3. Ok so i was on day 18 and was just walking through the swamp with 11 pigs and alot of valuable stuff, then 2 spines come up out of nowhere and both attacked ONCE, and i got killed instantly while walking and i didnt stop either.. For just walking through the swamp it shouldnt be tht easy to get killed especially when just 2 taps and im dead... It annoys me how easy it is to get killed now and it shouldnt be that easy not to be killed either, but right now its too easy to get killed. Just make the monsters a little weaker please. Like: 1 spine attack takes a quarter instead of half ur life..
  4. Wait... I thought theres only one pigtropolis in the world with 15 piggies. Are there more than 1 pigtropolis's??? Nice picture btw made me crack up xD
  5. I got on today and all of my characters are gone, with the items and research points too. I am logged in as my regualr profile and don't know what's going on...
  6. I don't know why, but I feel too lonely playing this game with only 1 race you can team with. (Piggies)I realize that there VERY annoying and they take work to have them follow you with the trees and stuff blocking their path too. I was wondering on your guy's oppinion for LAN wifi and/or any other ideas you think that would help the unbearable lonelyness on this game...
  7. I like your ideas, Combine percentaged items would be awesome and helpful
  8. I would like to share an Idea of a Cave environment, where you have to have a torch to be able to see in it.Cave contains- Boulders, gold, lots of spiders, and any other new or useful things you think I should recommend to you.Please take it into consideration. =DThanks,SilentZ9