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  1. Well, at least it would be great to be able to expand the world.
  2. Hi, I love this game, but after 300 days it gets boring. It would be nice to find some some characters (like pig king) to interact with. I am think for example a bout an old woman that asks for your help bringing some items to her. If you decide to help her, you would have to do some tasks and she give you something in return or teaches how to create new stuff that can't be unlock by science machines. A variant could be that some of these characters have the ability to produce some magical effects, after you help them like casting magical animals, or expanding the world or a food rain! They could also tell you stories or maybe (if this is not going to far on the game idea) some videos could be display. If this characters appeared randomly after some days, every world would have unique possibilities. I would also be nice to be able to discover new items. For now almost your can create is shown even if it is locked. The other way to get items are picking them up or cooking them, but you always know WHAT you can get. It would be grate to build a machine that combines items to create new ones, so you have to try several times to research by yourself (and lose things), not just putting some gold on it and being able select how to invest it. If you don't know the results it is more fun. Maybe this characters I was talking abut could give you some clues on how to create amazing things. I realize this game is based on basic human instinct, so at the beginning you try to create a save environment for yourself and then you explore to explore and work to improve your chances of surviving, but after all that is done you just wonder around trying to find interesting stuff. After several day, you just wait for the next upgrade, because there is nothing interesting to do. So, being able to expand the world is basic to keep the game interesting, but new spaces should't be equal to the original world, there should be more dangers and rewards. This secrets items you can create by mixing things could be a must to explore new spaces. For example: 1. One day arrives an inhabitant of a shipwreck. 2. You talk to him and he tells you he comes from an island that have been taken be monsters. 3. He ask you for 150 logs and 30 ropes to build a ship so you can help him save his home. 4. If you decide to help, you bring the things and build the ship. 5. You can carry lots of thing in the ship and travel to the island. 6. First time you go there the monsters are to strong and kill you! 7. You reappear in you home island (maybe your fiend could have told you to build 2 effigies for both before travelling). 8. Some spirit spears and give you some clues on thing you need to research to fight the monsters. Maybe it gives you some tasks to do for several days (like eating only berries for 5 days and each day they must be picked from different islands in home land) and this gives you more resistance or something. 9. You do some tasks and research some weapons and try again to defeat the monsters. 10. At this point a whole new world is there to explore! -------- After several days of fighting the monsters and free the inhabitants of this new world island by island and creating for yourself a save environment in the new unknown conditions, it gets boring again. So someone tells you the ancient people of this world had a magical structure that let them travel to other planet. You ask everybody for clues, dig and do tasks until you discover the secret location of the instructions to rebuild the magical structure. It takes you several days to harvest, research and put together all materials and to get and give things to people to help you build it. Than a new world opens for you. Of course all this would be optional and you could stay on your homeland forever. Someone talked about subterranean world, it would also be nice. Or finding a mermaid that takes you to Atlantis (you would need to research for thing that allow you to life in the ocean). What do you think?
  3. Hi, I checked and there are no newer version for my driver.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Chrome Version Number 69338 Issue title Game crashes after starup screen (no main menu) Steps to reproduce Just open the game on Chrome. Describe your issue I am playing the game fine on my Laptop, but on my desktop, it crashes. First it shows the start up screen without version number, then it load the version number, but nothing else happens. Here my screen shots: Chrome console: ValidBrowser: true [NACL_ENABLED] util.js:16 Status: NO-STATUS util.js:16 Error: INVALID_STATE_ERR code:7 dump:{"code":7} log.js:162 By the way: I love this game. Thanks.