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  1. [Old] Feed the Machine 1

    Why forget the shiny amulet for 30 points
  2. I've encountered 2 to 3 bee hives in my worlds, I don't know if you explore them fully or not.And the honey replenishes allot of health, the most from my experience at least.
  3. key for trade

    Trade completed successfully.
  4. Trading for Key

    L.E.: Trade complete. I still have one beta invite for FireFall and i'm interested in kerbal space program, if anyone wants to trade for that, or something else, pm me.
  5. Research highscores!

    Don't you like keep them indefinably?
  6. Well I came across this game from Total Biscuit, nice youtube streamer.I don't have the means to get the game for now, no card and what not, so I tried the demo, again and again and again, it gets addictive at first but once you do everything it's kinda cool, now what...I don't know if it's a bug or not but to play the game multiple times I refresh the page, however when it starts again I don't always get the 17 minutes, sometimes 16.. 15.. others 10 or even 7 minutes, and funny thing my research gets saved, so I can now build everything , I only have two days to do it but and some of the items require some luck but yeah, everything except for the beard part, it won't grow in just two days :(I my personal opinion I think the game would have more replay-ability if it would be harder / impossible to survive beyond an amount of time also the much suggested weather effects would be welcomed.I would recommend the torch being blown out by the wind some times as such an effect.Also, non-weather related, the way in which tools get destroyed, I mean the axe and pickaxe, when they get destroyed wouldn't the handle, at least in some cases, break, and therefore the metal / stone part would knock you in the face doing some damage?On another note, the spiders bite you, they come in 3's, but they are really easy to kill, especially if you have armor on you, why not make their attack poisonous instead of just direct damage, so even though we kill them, we might suffer a horrible fate if we don't get cured?I don't know if anyone mentioned it before but how about fatigue as an additional thing to watch out, as well as something like heat, both mostly for the night time, because lets face it, it may sound plausible that one may survive for 99999 days, but if they don't have to rest from time to time... doesn't that defeat the whole purpose?
  7. key for trade

    Hey I have a firefall beta account, like I stated in another post, wanna trade? key for accountL.E.: checked their forums and found out that I had 2 beta keys invites for quite a while now, just didn't know how to access them, so if you wan't I can send you an actual invite, for your personal email, since I also found out that you cannot change your email address for the account.
  8. Trading for Key

    Well like some other people out there I don't have a credit card too, and since I saw trading was acceptable on the forum why not.So I would like a key and I have Dota 2 items to trade via steam, for example this Menacing Prey-Tracker's Aspect Mask strange mask, and some other stuff.My steam profile is ArchAlecs.L.E.: the other thing I could trade is a FireFall beta key / invite.
  9. Island Troll Tribes anyone?

    Indeed.Loved that map very much, that's why I wanna try to get into this game too