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  1. Path of the Hunter if you wanna go on a killing spree (not having to add input commands for kills saves you miliseconds of more carnage). Path of Silence if you like the challenge of just sneaking past every single guard like a boss.
  2. I agree on that too, but would be nice if the game had a separate multiplayer mode, separated from the main game. Just like in Mass Effect 3 or even Shank 2 itself (Survival Mode).
  3. I don't know, I think 3D would totally ruin the gameplay and turn it into a generic stealth game. The fact games like Tenchu and Shinobido are not perfect is because they are 3D stealth games. You'd end up losing precision, which is what I loved in Mark of the Ninja: you can be a lot precise in all the Stealth Kills, due the fact it's 2D, so it's all about aiming on four directions instead of multi-directional. Assassin's Creed is an exception to this because it's a really wide game filled with details, and the lock-on system combined with the low profile mode make it much more difficult to make mistakes.I like anime, but KLEI got its own art style. Changing it would mischaracterize it, because it's what make KLEI being KLEI.Gus idea is pretty good, specially the part about the weapons.