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  1. Don't Starve isnt loading

    I have had the same issue for over a month. I wonder if there is a decay rate for the key. Seems that you can play for a short time and then poof you cant. Maybe there is a coding error that makes the key only temporary based on time play, days survived or something. I made it past 60 days and had unlocked all available characters before I was jammed up.
  2. Steam Version?

    I haven't been able to play for months now. We were told that the key would be emailed to is. I would like my key as that was the offer and bugs in the chrome version of the game have kept many from accessing it to get what was bought.
  3. "Error: Module load error:" - MASTER THREAD

    I am unsure if mine is the same issue, how ever I went from getting that error message to just getting a load page that goes no where. I have let it sit over 10 minutes to see if anything changes and also have reloaded Chrome to see if that would work. I should note that it has previously worked on my computer and only as of yesterday has it stopped working. Thank you and the game is quite fun, I love the art work for it.