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  1. I've run into this issue a couple times now, where right after I construct a fire pit, the fire in said pit immediately snuffs out.It's gotten me killed once so far from setting it up just as full night began.I've also had one instance of the torch snuffing out immediately after being built, it was the same time that I died from the fire pit snuffing out in fact.I built the torch immediately after the fire in the pit went out and the torch snuffed out too.The first instance of the fire pit snuffing out was a couple days ago and the second was tonight.Both times it happened were during the twilight period just before full night.If you add another log to the pit after the fire snuffs out, the fire lights and works as it should and continues to in all future uses of the pit.It's just when the pit has first been built that I've had the issue.
  2. I purchased Don't Starve a few days ago through what is now my main google account and the game has been linked to a different google account.The 2nd google account is set up as multiple sign in with my main account but I was signed into chrome with my main when I made the purchase.Google sent a receipt to my main account for the purchase but the e-mail containing the second code was sent to the 2nd account.I don't know why Don't Starve was linked to the e-mail for my 2nd account but I would like the code moved to my main account.I would also like the e-mail address in your records changed to that of my main account so that future e-mails such as those containing the steam codes go to the correct place.My main account is the one I have registered for this forum with.If more specifics are needed (e-mail addresses, receipts, etc.), e-mail me and I will provide them.I sent in a support e-mail the day this happened but have still not received a response and at this point I can't seem to find the address I mailed to last or I would have sent another mail instead of posing here.Please help me solve this issue.