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  1. Alright, thanks Corey.So, first off I think there might be a problem with the supplypoints where you can change your equipment. It seems that everytime you use it all your gear gets restocked, even if you don't switch any of the items.In theory I guess this can give you an unlimited amount of items if you just run back to it everytime you're out of gear, and so you can get alot more points than you probably should have been able to. (by for example killing every enemy with the upgraded terror darts) While I'm not a 100 % sure this is a bug it seems like it can be exploited.The second thing I noticed is that if you throw a dead body on the spiked floors in the later stages it will give you 600 points for "Indirect Kill", even though you have already killed the guard once. This does not seem to be working everytime however, it looks like you need to kill the guard either through getting an "Object Kill" or an "Indirect Kill", and then tossing the body on the spiked floor to get the extra "bugged points", but I am not exactly sure about this either.The third bug I have encountered was in one of the challenge rooms. I can't remember exactly which stage it was, but it was one of the later ones, in the desert area.You start out on the lower part of the room, on the left side, and then I believe you could either grapple yourself or climb on the ceiling to get over to the other side. Once you got there a lever is in front of you, and on the right side of it there's a door that's blocking you from getting to the scroll.If the lever is pulled the door to your right opens up and spikes start raining from the ceiling which make you still unable to get to the scroll. After a short while the spikes stop falling and the door closes again. All of this is intended, as you are supposed to climb up to the upper area of this challenge room and solve some kind of puzzle I think. The bug however, seems to be that if you pull the lever a second time, right before the spikes stop falling, the door somehow stays open and you are free to just run in and grab the scroll.I know alot of what I said was not very precise, but I hope that the information can be used to take a look at some of the problems at least!
  2. EDITED BY COREY: Hey guys, I'm going to close this thread since everyone is just kind of piling random issues up in here. It's really hard to keep track of it and it won't be very friendly or useful for new members who might be searching for fixes. If we didn't address your problem in here and the latest patch didn't fix it, please post a new issue. If you find an issue, please search the forum and check our sticky posts before posting. If you can't find something that fits your issue please make a new issue, we'll help you out! TIPS FOR POSTING A BUG: When you make a new issue, try to have a descriptive title like "Bug - Game crashes when I open the map" or something. This will just help us and others keep track of issues and solutions for everyone. Be descriptive in your report. Help us help you Posting "The game crashed" is really hard to trouble shoot. Whenever possible, please include things like: PC hardware setup, if your drivers are up to date, if you can recreate the issue (it didn't just happen once), what exactly happened, any crash logs or errors you got. Thanks everyone! -Corey ---------------------------------------------------------- Hey there. So I'm just wondering whom I should contact if I want to report a bug. I saw the "Contact" tab on the Klei website but it didn't really provide an e-mail or anything if you wanted to contact the developers. Thanks. Oh and by the way, really great game. I'm enjoying it alot!