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  1. I had this error but with 66800 I can play again, with some shenanigans. Here's what happens: 1. Close all Chrome windows. 2. Start Chrome. 3. Click Don't Starve icon to launch game. 4. Game does not launch. Error: "Error: Error :WEBGL initialisation failed see and for more info." 5. Go to chrome://gpu 6. Try to launch Don't Starve again. This time it works! This happens every time with 66800 (so far, for me). The game continues to work until I close all Chrome windows then I have to go through the steps again. Bit of a bother but at least I can play now. Ubuntu 12.04 Intel Core i5-2500K Intel Sandybridge graphics
  2. Error: Module load error: undefined

    This error hits me every time after the 66529 update. Prior to that it was working fine, same hardware. Since I can repro this startup error on my setup consistently, I'd be willing to help you track down the problem if you want. I'm a programmer, I'm running Chrome stable on Ubuntu Linux. Since this might actually be several different problems for different people, one way to troubleshoot this would be to spam console.log() everywhere in your native client and release a build. Then we can all send you our console output whenever a crash happens.Here's my current console output when the crash happens, for what it's worth (doesn't look super helpful):Status: Waiting for sign in... util.js:11FileLog: init log.js:13FileLog: FileSystemReady log.js:184_RemoveFile looking for [log.txt]. log.js:156_CreateFile looking for [log.txt]. log.js:169_RemoveFile Found File [log.txt]. log.js:159_RemoveFile looking for [log.txt]. log.js:156Error: INVALID_MODIFICATION_ERR code:9 dump:{"code":9} log.js:225_RemoveFile File [log.txt] removed. log.js:162Cookie valid, logging in...[object Object] util.js:11START INSTANCE instance.js:11login_override instance.js:16show game instance.js:19Got module load from NaCl util.js:11Status: SUCCESS util.js:11Got module loadstart from NaCl util.js:11Got module load from NaCl util.js:11Status: SUCCESS util.js:11Got module loadend from NaCl util.js:11[18:13.39.68090]: DontStarve::Init() Creating NetworkFileSystem [] util.js:11[18:13.39.68170]: DontStarve::Init() Mounting NetworkFileSystem util.js:11[18:13.39.69110]: File system is OPEN! util.js:11[18:13.39.70750]: DontStarve::CheckFileManifestInitializedCB KleiFile Is Available util.js:11[18:13.39.71690]: THREAD - started 'VersionSync' (1) util.js:11[18:13.39.73930]: DontStarve::HandleMessage [game:GetInstance] util.js:11Status: REQUESTING:[REMOTE] util.js:11Status: REQUESTING:[REMOTE] util.js:11Status: REQUESTING:[REMOTE] util.js:11Status: REQUESTING:[REMOTE] util.js:11Status: REQUESTING:[REMOTE] util.js:11Status: REQUESTING:[REMOTE] util.js:11[18:13.41.75650]: DontStarve::FileManifestUpdate mVersionSync.Succeeded() util.js:11[18:13.41.75920]: DontStarve::FileManifestUpdate unmounted server util.js:11[18:13.41.76170]: DontStarve::FileManifestUpdate new files have downloaded... go back to what you were doing. .. util.js:11[18:13.41.78160]: DontStarve::CheckFileSystemInitializedCB KleiFile Is Available util.js:11NativeClient: NaCl module crashed[18:13.41.80500]: DontStarve::PersistentStorageReadyCB Start util.js:11[18:13.41.80670]: DontStarve::PersistentStorageReadyCB: Done util.js:11Status: NaCl CRASHED: Last error: undefined while @Web:Downloading util.js:11NaCl CRASHED: Last error: undefined while @Web:Downloading