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  1. just want to let you know: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Under-the-Ocean/252781851471446?fref=ts Under the Ocean is the sequel to this
  2. Cooking is very nice so i hope there will be some kind of Herb-Witch in the forest that trades some rare/exotic ingredients
  3. In my mind there are Ruins in the areas where are a lot of rocks and the ground looks like a street so there could be some buildings/walls/obelisks which could have something to do with the lore or the gameplay because there could be some kind of teleporter (to the other end of the map or maybe to a whole other island) which must be charged by some kind of sacrificing (food/pigmen/something else) and of course some sweet monsters that are guarding them...just some thoughts
  4. after stealing the egg it seems like killing/tricking it is the only option, but one lost agro in my last game (i asssume the reason for this was that the bird was very far away from the egg/me so it was not that close to reset the agro everytime it misses a hit)
  5. i recognize that the tallbirds never loose agro in my game(but if they're pulled to some ocean/lake corners you can trick their AI)...maybe it's supposed to be?
  6. same problem here BUT you can chop down a lot of trees to minimize the slow down
  7. i had a dream about a new monster that had tentacles on his back (similar to the swamp ones but smaller) and some kind of spider- / buglegs (there where multiple) i don't remember a mouth but it was creepy
  8. a box out of glass where you can put that "treasures" in (you can find this in a museum)