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  1. i think that there is more than one combination or anagrams like "how it all began" in the wordsalad
  2. yay i could contribute something
  3. ok 3.turn M with the 2.Turn A & Xmaybe something
  4. did you notice this:(2.turn)A: ITALLBEX: GAN--> it all began...i don't know maybe it is something
  5. thx darling (@archblue1206) ^^
  6. could any1 give me the the highlighted letters of the "M" letter table??!becaus i need them for the last one: (done)DefaultM: PRIA: QADVBGYX: ZYI1. Turn (right)M: UUEA: ALBCGGYX: DJF2. TurnM: NFVA: ITALLBEX: GAN3. TurnM: HOWA: IMPBCVLX: PLW
  7. default view:M: PRIA: QADVBGYX: ZYI (new one)1. Turn (right)M: UUEA: ALBCGGYX: DJF2. TurnM:A: ITALLBEX: GAN3. TurnM: HOWA: IMPBCVLX: PLWtrying the other views...could some1 say me the letters in the highlighted box of the "M" puzzle picture?
  8. 11PM In deutscher Zeitzone==`??

    in der tat 20uhr
  9. but i fear that there is the possibility to turn the puzzels like turning the world with the arrow keys
  10. soM is: PRIA is: QADVBGY X is: ZYI (new one)
  11. we need the other stonewall "signs"
  12. Under the Garden

    just want to let you know: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Under-the-Ocean/252781851471446?fref=ts Under the Ocean is the sequel to this
  13. Working List for Oct 30 Update

    Cooking is very nice so i hope there will be some kind of Herb-Witch in the forest that trades some rare/exotic ingredients
  14. In my mind there are Ruins in the areas where are a lot of rocks and the ground looks like a street so there could be some buildings/walls/obelisks which could have something to do with the lore or the gameplay because there could be some kind of teleporter (to the other end of the map or maybe to a whole other island) which must be charged by some kind of sacrificing (food/pigmen/something else) and of course some sweet monsters that are guarding them...just some thoughts