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  1. I Imagine it like the bear thing, i guess you could reduce it, but realy it's don't starve but up until now (not the newst patch included 11.Dez) you could have your food meter always full which is just really a bit easy ^^ i saw you mentioned sanity level somewhere else, the thirst "hallucinations" thing could work well with that .
  2. beefalos don't Respawn ???? argh oh no, i thougt they come back after 30 days or so
  3. So people complain about the game beeing to "easy"... I just came up with the following idea ... maybe already suggested it and I didn't know about it that could be true aswell... Obesity So, people say "well I can just stay in my camp with my farms dont have to move much way to easy at night Willow just starts a fire way to easy" Maybe you could implement something like, if you dont move on regular basis a certain amount x --> (which you dont tell us) you are getting obese and if you don't run then you are getting even fatter. I imagine four stats you start at number 2. 1. You don't eat enough you are constantly under x% (30?) you are losing muscle mass, character appears skinny -> you move abit faster but your max Health drops by let say 50%, food meter drops slower 2.Normal like you start the game, you move a certain amount on a daily basis and food meter is kept above 50% -> Stats as we are used to. 3. Obese you eat to much (75%) or move to less. -> getting slower than normal but gain 25%Health you can escape slower monsters(spideres,pigs,treants etc) fast .......monsters catch you or atleast hit you from time to time(Tallbird,Beefalo,Hound etc) 4. Fat Your Food meter is above 90% or you move nearly nothing at all from the crock pot to the farm to the chest ....and back. -> you get 50% more HP but everymonster catches you, one could argue that food meter drops faster and something like Log armor needs more logs. you would need to work on you and it would take 3 days to switch between a state. AlSoone could implement to fatty food if you always eat meat with honey you get very fat. I think you could implement it simply like this. o = 100; // start everystep taken o - 0.25 //or something like that food intake o + x // x differs about every food 1.) o = 40 ? 2.) o = 100 3.) o = 150? 4.) o = 200? Thirst additional to the foodmeter there could be one for "liquids" which should be kept high because if you drop to low you could get "hallucinations?". The diffrent kinds of food give a diffrent amount of water, while fruits give a high amount other give less or could even substract some if its very dry.
  4. Well, i guess we have so ponts in the swamp tentacle areas with the frogs, fishing there would be ... interesting ^^
  5. I'll try to get a Pig very fast, so it can hunt Bunnies for me : )
  6. So I wanted new characters and killed myself by stepping into the Darkness on day 43 or so, gave me 2000+ XP which gives you both new Chars, and caps the Xp at 2000.