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  1. When is The Update

    It's like git, but for people who don't want to work by themselves.
  2. :mad: I have to re-purchase the game?

    Fixed, I opened it up just now and it let me choose my account and it's all happy. I also see the account name now down at the bottom of the page. Thanks guys!!
  3. :mad: I have to re-purchase the game?

    I went through the permissions for all my google accounts and it seems that 2 of them had don't starve listed as allowed. I revoked both of them, and logged out of the game, but when I reload the game and hit login it just goes right in without asking who i want to log in as. Is there a better way to force login again so I can choose an account?
  4. :mad: I have to re-purchase the game?

    Some more info: I had been playing the game on my laptop, and then I played it for a while on my desktop. I was annoyed that it made me start a new game, but I can still play on the desktop.Are you tracking users based on just the google account, or also on some data from the installed instance?
  5. :mad: I have to re-purchase the game?

    I had the same thing happen to me. I still have the buddy code available, but I really do want to find a friend to give that one to.