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  1. I made an album of in-game screenshots. You can't see the mouse icon itself, however you can see the tool tip floating way too far away from the item or entity itself. I have to hover my mouse a bit to the right and above of the item to be able to perform an action. Different items have different distances between themselves and the cursor. The bug occurs every time I launch the game.
  2. I'm terrible sorry if I hurt your feelings Vulturas, however I did read trough some of the suggestions mentioned on the forums and thought I was building onto those but I guess I was unoriginal as a sack of potatoes in a farmers market :)On the other hand I'm happy that someone agrees with me about the ranged weaponry, as it was what I thought would be the nicest!Again as I mentioned I do know that this lovely slice of fried gold (the game that is) is in beta and that I should allow it room to breathe and bathe in the admiration from gamers around the world.Now don't get me wrong here, I love this game. I believe that it will gain popularity in a very short span of time and the contents of it's finished state will be amazing. However since the creators made a specific part of the forum that is focused around Questions and feedback I found it appropriate to post my opinion there as I hoped it would give the creators a wider perspective on what their fans want :)Lot's of loveGunpowder
  3. Currently I'm at a point in the game where I feel without a challenge or any kind of motivation to do anything else. But luckily this is the glorious beta and you fellows are open for feedback and suggestions! So here are some of my ideas.I'm thinking along the lines of weather disasters. If you implement weather, which I have seen other threads talk about,you could have things happen like snowstorms, heavy rain, extreme heat, which could trigger an event. Maybe an area of the map dries put and different enemies spawn there. During a snow storm a Yeti boss could be wandering around in the dark. During heavy rain it is hard to make a fire (Maybe takes extra fuel or you need to make shelter) And the spiders seem more willing to move closer to you.A thing I would love to see implemented could be a bow weapon. If it was up to me and such item was implemented it would maybe have an aim system that made i hard to use, mostly to prevent it from being overpowered. It would also open up for some new use of flint and twigs. Maybe crows would drop feathers?In the boss department I think it would be creepy and maybe a little bit funny if by digging up the rabbit holes you might trigger a horrible looking rabbit boss (The rabbit king?) and maybe by seeing a specific looking crow, maybe it looks plagued or something similar. Shooting it would trigger a crow boss.Anyways I'm just spilling my thoughts here Great game and I hope that it gets far!-Gunpowder