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  1. First of all, thanks Klei for this great game ! I appreciate it a lot !But... unfortunately, I can't fully enjoy it. I experience the same "Lock Up Bugs" as explained by Masterfaculty. I've encountered this problem on almost every level of the game. Usually, it starts with a sound problem (mainly with the guard's voices, which become sometimes inaudible), then, about 10-15 seconds later, the game freezes. Sometimes, it starts with the use of the "sixth sense", and suddenly, some parts of the background become black, so you can't see anymore where you walk, and a moment after, the game freezes too.When I try to reload the game after a reboot, sometimes it goes back to a previous checkpoint, and sometimes I have to restart the level entirely (it just happened for me a few minutes ago on level one, when I was ready to distract the last two guards -> sound problem -> tried to go to the game menu -> freeze -> reboot -> no checkpoint left on level one...).My Xbox 360 is not really "new", and this is not the first game to freeze, but this is the first one to do it so much : Almost every level had to be done in multiple times, seperated from 1-2 freezes each time. I've tried the suggestions from gus.melendez83 above (clear cache, delete the game and re-download it), I even tried to disconnect and reconnect the hard drive, but nothing has changed, the same problems still occur.I really hope that this can be fixed.