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  1. Well, I look forward to that. Right now I'm not interested in playing for five "days" then having to start all over because I walked through a bad patch in the swamp. As it is, I wouldn't recommend the game.
  2. Multiplayer or not, a save function would be handy... or at least restarting with some of your basic supplies.
  3. The game's fun, interesting--graphics and sound are quirky and I like them, but...You go through two or three days chopping trees and breaking rocks and whatnot, which gets a little repetitive. Fine, I go with it... until I get randomly killed and have to start from scratch. Again. Gets old real quick. I don't know if there's an end to this game or not, but if the goal is to reach it, then dying should take you back to the last time you saved. If it's just to survive as long as possible, then I'm already bored.